Overcoming Poor Posture by Steven Low and Jarlo Ilano - This title has been sitting on my desk for too long. I just finished reading through it (skimming some of the exercise sections, which are a great use for later reference, because I don't have the ability to get on the floor of the plane I'm on and try them out.

I won't try and summarize in great detail what the book is about (great detail isn't even necessary because the book clocks in at about 120 pages including the posture/mobility program appendix), that should be mostly obvious from the title anyways. Steven and Jarlo do a great job at succintly summarizing many concepts about posture and related areas and not overanalyzing details that aren't important to the layman simply looking to improve their posture. Following a brief look at these concepts, they talk about basic exercises to improve posture and work mobility over the entire body. After looking at exercises a nod is given to forming habits before discussing programming and finally some sample routines.

My favorite part about the book, and this is evident in the rest of Steven's writing and philosophies (I'm not as familiar with Jarlo, although I would like to look more into his work after reading this), is how realistic he is to how most people tackle change, especially physical change. They acknowledge that nothing is overnight and that the work written about in this book should be done in a way that works with the reader. The book is not dogmatic about anything being done a certain way.

Lastly, I'd just like to conclude by saying that this is a great book (especially when used as a reference) and if you care about posture or mobility, you should add it to your collection. Reading it through only took two hours on a plane ride and going forward I'll be able to jump in to the appendix and utilize the exercises I thought might be notable for me. Thanks for reading this little review, I hope you enjoyed it!