First of all, if you’re interested in my Stopwatching application (a handsfree exercise/general task timer), there’s a link on the projects section of this site. It gives a quick blurb detailing what it’s about. Now that that’s over, here’s what I’ve updated in the application and my thoughts on the current state of it.

  • Countdown - The main critical review of the application mentioned that the countdown beeps were practically inaudible, especially when music was playing. To alleviate this, I switched to a different method of playing audio and added beeps that play much louder, especially over music.
  • Landscape - Along with this, the landscape mode in the app wasn’t very useful. To change this I made it so the app removed the list view when in landscape and enlarged the timer to take up a majority of the screen. A problem with this is that I no longer had the start and stop buttons on the screen when in landscape, so I made it so that tapping the timer label starts and pauses the timer.

Neither of these changes were very major, I just wanted to release at least one more update for the app because I haven’t gotten the chance to do much swift programming over the past year of school. One other upside to updating is that the app now displays correctly on the iPhone X :).

If you have any other suggestions for the application, please feel free to leave a review on the app store or comment below (I’ll definitely see the latter quicker.